Buying flowers requires a customized service

It is 11:45 AM and you still need a box of Strelitzias urgently. We’ll help you find them.

  • Repeat orders possible after the auction.
  • Small specialized orders.
  • Specific actions for cash & carry stores .
  • Labelling with barcode.
  • Repackaging into smaller bunches.
Buying flowers with special requirements
Korenwinder cash and carry

‘We'll even hop on our bikes for you’

If we receive your order after the auction has closed, we still might be able to find your flowers for you, even if that means hopping on our bikes to search the distribution halls. We can also help you if you wish to place small or specialized orders with us. A good example of the service we offer is the possibility of labelling the flowers with barcoded price tags so that they can be sold immediately once they reach the wholesalers. If you want to collect your ordered flowers from us after the auction, you don’t have to wait long at all. You can also ask us to e-mail you a digital photo of a product you may be interested in. Our complete product list and our daily ‘after clock list’ of special offers is available on request.

Buying flowers with special requirements